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Premium sports personal care for healthy body and mind

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About Axletic.

We believe the power of a sports routine gets you to a better standard of living. Axletic was created by entrepreneurial fitness lovers and a team of biochemists to initiate or improve sports habits. “We want people to achieve the personal self-achievement to make the physical activity into a rewarding habit”.

Everything starts with a cue, a trigger to start your habit. Your body will start craving that self achievement feeling!


A correct gesture will not only make the exercise more effective it will correctly distribute the muscle and joints efforts. This will avoid unwanted wrong movements, pain, and unnecessary slips. We created the "workout" products for you to always be able to give your best in that special hour you dedicate to sports.


The best post-workout is your pre-workout.



Our satisfied customers and team members involved in the development of the brand!

A real solution revolution!

I’m a Hamburg enthusiast and when I stumbled upon the Axletic instagram I decided to give it a try! I go to work every morning by bike and especially during summer the worst is getting there sweat and smelly. Since I’ve used this Deo cream I don’t smell despite the sweat!


A great upgrade to my running routine!

Applying the Axletic Massage Gel after each morning run was a great upgrade to my exercising routine. No more pain in the mornings and I end up not skipping a day because of it!

by Lea G. (CUSTOMER)

Never felt my hair so refreshed and healthy

Since I've been using the Axletic refreshing shampoo post training showers are so energising and my hair much more strong and shiny.

by Christopher M. (CUSTOMER)

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